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Accelerate With Litespeed


What we can say about Litespeed cache is first of all it can accelerate your WordPress contents. Litespeed web servers enable your WordPress site to be viewed faster by caching it. For example; various file previously stored in your computer’s cache are emerging unwittingly faster during your surfing. Litespeed offers a substructure that allows you to quickly open your site as if it were cached by all users. When performing this function, we should also say that it is not an application which requires a strong cost from you.


More Visitors


Litespeed cahce settings a wordpress site with the correct setting may access more users in a short time by this plug in. Through this plugin that takes advantage of Lscache technology, the load of the site will be greatly reduced. Even though cache plug ins are offered by some programs, these programs do not actually take over the traffic flow of the site. Therefore, deceleration of the site and pin durations may increase. But, if you are sure about you have Lscache technology, this system can make a big difference for your site. After downloading the plug in, you can access to the site with a simple interface.



WordPress Plug ins

When said that WordPress is the best cache- plug in, please download for litespeed installation by clicking installation link. After you come to the plug in page on your WordPress page, you can access to litespeed tab on new plug ins. But before installing this plug in, you need to remove Cache plug ins on your system. Otherwise, you may get some slowdowns or crashes. Besides, you have to make sure that you have a system supporting Lscache technology. When you activate plug in, litespeed cache plug in display will meet you. On that display, you can set up including other plug ins. You can set up system settings such as Cnd, purge, optimazer features on these tabs.



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