Content Management on WordPress Site

Content Management on WordPress Site

WordPress is the most common used content management system. With its wide range of application and its development, it is prefered by many software developers. However, high CPU usage and to leave hosting accounts hanging or slow opening of website cause questions marks over head of website owners. Let’s look over what you should do in order to keep CPU usage on your website at a minimum level.


You Should Remove Unnecessary Plugins like Plug-in Widget

On WordPress system the most CPU usage is doing plugins. Unless WordPress system is updated periodically, those plugins used over time may slowdown the work. Therefore you should prefer the ones which are reliable when installing the plugins and remove that will not be used from your site. Excessive use of applications and plug in usage will cause your server to be overloaded.


Update Your Loaded Plugins As To Version You Used

Updating on plugins is not always an easy thing. Occasionally, it’s possible to lose changes after updating. Therefore, you should carefully update your plugins by reviewing support pages.

Do Not Forget To Optimize Database Tables

For high performance on your site, you should periodically optimize your tables by logging into your management panel. Because unoptimized tables will increase CPU usage, it will cause your server to be overloaded. You should also delete unnecessary data on your table.

Pay Attention To the Theme Choice

Another factor causing excessive CPU usage is the theme usage. Avoid having too many themes on your site and delete unnecessary themes. Plain and optimized themes work efficiently and do not overload CPU. Some themes have their own plugins. If you have used such a theme on your site, update your theme and plugins as well.


Do Not Forget Updating Your WordPress

You should update your available WordPress version as soon as possible with a new version at any time because of security risk otherwise.

Diminish Your Database or PHP Query

Database queries and PHP software cause excessive CPU usage as well. Therefore, block the use of unnecessary selections.

Reduce Index.php Load

During the peak hours of the day the contents on your home page and index.php files create a heavy load on your server. Therefore, try to keep your index.php files simple.

Shut down WP-Cron Task

In order to reduce your CPU usage, shut down WP-Cron task or arrange it to be processed hourly. This arrangement will reduce the load on your CPU.

Use Cache Applications

Using cache applications to increase speed of your page and to reduce CPU usage will be a right choice.


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