What is Domain Parking? How is it done?

In recent years, the use of Internet has increased exponentially in our country. Now everyone has internet at home. As the use of the Internet increases dramatically, the methods of earning income over the internet have also increased. If you systemize, you can earn enough money to bring home the bacon from Internet. In this article, i will explain how you can make money with domain parking method.
Domain Parking is simply an advertising system where you can earn high revenues from your domain names which you trust its hit. There are many paid or free sites where you can park your domain name. Domain Parking is functioning with the name server logic. In other words, you direct your domain name to the name server address of the company and after its direction on your site, full-page ads start appearing. As you click on these ads, you will be charged in high amounts. You can use this method for sites that you trust its hit. Well, which company should work with? In this article, i will talk about SEDO, which is one of the most reliable and profitable. There is also a paid membership option but we will be a free member.


Sedo is the first conceived company for domain parking. So, i will tell you through this company. Yet, i will share the other companies with you at the end of my article. From here, we enter the site and sign up for “Sign up now” on the right and confirm the mail. Then, they send a PDF file to your mail. I guess that’s the most difficult part. You open the file and print it. After you sign on the signature section, you should scan it from your browser and send it back via e-mail. You confirm it in 24 hours. The signature is completely formality, thus you need not to worry.

Afterwards, you add your domains from “My Domains” section. I assume you have added and i keep going. After adding, you need to direct the following name server adresses;
Primary IP:
Secondary IP:
After you have forward from your domain panel, they are directed in .com domains in 2-3 hours and ads appear on your site. The most important thing for you here is never to click by your friends! Because they understand this and you are thrown out of the system. As long as you obey the rules, there is no problem.
Minimum payment limit is 50 Euro. If you have a site with organic hit, you can easily sum up this amount. Payments may be made by paypal or wire. I wish you great prosperity.

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